Top Linktree Alternatives to Use as Social Media Bio Links

Top Alternatives to Linktree

You might be inquiring about the possibilities of finding some alternatives to Linktree which would help you in marketing your business better through the social media.

After all, we all know how famous or commonly used Linktree is, enabling you to create one link taking followers to several pages or sites.

You can find this very beneficial when advertising various things concerning your venture like company’s webpage, blog, e-shop site aside from those other profiles they own on different channels.

The research indicates that the average person is spending such amount of time just browsing the internet (6 hours and 40 minutes of surfing the net every 24 hours).

This shows a massive opportunity for businesses to get to their customers and sell their brands.

Through this article, you can find some of the top Linktree alternatives of 2024 that will help you create more efficient social media bio links.

But, firstly, let’s understand what Linktree is.

What is Linktree?

If you’ve been active on social media then at some point you’re likely to have stumbled upon Linktree.

But what is it really?

In short, Linktree is a website which lets you create a profile to showcase your bio links, especially social media profile links (most popular ones).

In other words, it’s a platform which allows you to create a single link that points to your multiple web addresses.

It’s particularly helpful to influencers seeking a means of directing people to their sites through this. Provided followers with an easy means of accessing all of your stuff at a single place by just building one.

And, the best part of it, it’s completely free to use.

So, if you want a simple way to point your followers to your newest blog post, video, or product should check out these alternatives below. So, let’s explore the list one by one!

Top 10+ Linktree Alternatives for Instagram

Now, you know a little bit more about Linktree and why you might investigate alternatives, consider the following: (Domain Authority 92)

With, you can build a detailed bio page and an email signature for free that explains more about your brand or business in seconds. - The Finest Linktree Alternative

Unlike other free Linktree alternatives, you can actually set up an page which is more than just a list of web links.

You can use it to display what you do, interact new people in your network, and cultivate brand image.


  • Design in a static format on the web
  • Mobile-friendly pages
  • Free plan offers a lot of features


For $6.58 a month, or free for those who sign up for the pro plan, you can witness your life’s events unfold in real-time.

Zyro | Domain Authority 78

Zyro is as good as Linktree but with more benefits.

For starters, it gives the presence of an AI-powered link builder that assists in generating special URLs for  your social media accounts.

Zyro Linktree Alternative

Besides, this feature ensures that the link page is highly customizable which means it can be tailored according to your choice. It’s completely free!


  • Customizable link pages
  • AI-powered link builder
  • Free to use



ShortStack | Domain Authority 62

In my opinion, ShortStack is one of the most used alternatives to Linktree because it provides users with a broad range of features and options.

ShortStack Linktree Alternative

With ShortStack, it is possible to create custom landing pages, forms, as well as quizzes.

In order to achieve a unique means of attracting leads, such as making use of scratch-offs, virtual slot machines and personality quizzes, you can consider using it.


  • Wide range of features and options
  • Custom landing pages, forms, and quizzes
  • Scratch-offs, virtual slot machines, and personality quizzes


ShortStack offers free and paid plans starting at $99 per month.

Lnk.Bio | Domain Authority 61

Lnk.Bio is the right fit for you in case you need a platform with more customization options than Linktree. With Lnk.Bio, you can create your own page which is specifically tailored to reflect your brand identity.

Lnk.Bio Linktree Alternative

Additionally, this platform provides a diverse range of templates and tools which make Lnk.Bio easy to use and create a professional-looking page.

Moreover, it lets you integrate your bio link with various social media platforms, so you can easily share your links with your preferred channel’s followers.

The platform also offers detailed analytics to track your link’s performance.


  • Offers more customization options
  • Integrates with a variety of social media platforms
  • Offers detailed analytics


Lnk.Bio has a free and paid plan that starts at $0.99/month and $9.99/lifetime.

For a one-time charge of $24.99, you’ll receive everything from Mini, images, colour customization, and an Instagram posting calendar.

Shorby | Domain Authority 53

When it comes to all-in-one social media bio link, Shorby is the answer. It allows you to easily build and tailor your own branded Linktree, while tracking the most visited links.

Shorby Linktree Alternative

The Shorby website states that a lot of brands and influencers make use of this tool. So, you can be sure you are among other good users.

It has a range of functions suitable for all businesses. This website is continuously updated with more features and enhancements, therefore is expected to evolve even more.


  • All-in-one social media marketing solution
  • Used by many brands and influencers
  • Constantly updated with new features


Shorby starts at $15/month for the Basic plan, which includes one user and one social profile.

The Professional program, which includes up to five users and social profiles, starts at $49/per month.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan, which includes up to 25 users and 25 social profiles, starts at $99/month.

LynxInBio | Domain Authority 35

If you’re looking for a Linktree alternative, LynxInBio is an excellent option. It offers the same features as Linktree, plus a few extras.

LynxInBio Linktree Alternative

For instance, At LynxInBio, a user can add custom images as well as background colours which makes user profile more attractive as compare to Linktree.

Also, it provides an analytical tool which will help you keep an eye on your clicks and show you links that are the most popular with numbers of clicks data.


  • More visually appealing than Linktree
  • Analytics dashboard to track link clicks


Choose from a free plan to a premium package for $5 per month for complete control of your page design and any links you desire.

Taplink | Domain Authority 33

Whether looking for an alternative to Linktree or just a way to create custom links, Taplink is worth checking out.

Taplink Linktree Alternative

It’s a good choice for businesses of all sizes; it has both free and paid plans.

With the paid plan, you will be able to use more features such as link cloaking and advanced analytics.

I should point out that I loved Taplink’s interface because it was neat and well-structured making custom link creation process smooth and quick.

Additionally, numerous tutorials are available if you need help along the way.


  • Free and paid versions are available
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent tutorials and support resources


Free and paid versions are available.

Pally | Domain Authority 32

Pallyy’s content scheduling tool is a one-stop shop for all your social media marketing needs.

It allows you to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and cover Google My Business pages or LinkedIn profiles.

Pally Linktree Alternative for Social Media

Pallyy’s analytics for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to see the complete picture of your social media reach.

You can then create stories that truly make a difference in conversion rates.


  • Promote products, services, or brand
  • Increase social media following
  • Schedule content
  • Analyze social media reach


Choose from a free plan or various paid plans (starting at $15 per month per social set for individuals and agencies).

Everlinks | Domain Authority 32

Everlinks provides an easy-to-use interface to create, schedule and promote your links.

It has features such as video embedding and rich text editing that make it great for professionals.

Everlinks Linktree Alternative

You can also add custom images and background colours to your profile, making it more visually appealing.

In addition, it offers an analytics dashboard so you can track your link clicks and see which links are getting the most traffic.


  • Easily create, schedule and promote links
  • Video embedding and rich text editing
  • Customizable images and background colours
  • Analytics dashboard to track link clicks


You may use Everlinks for free or pay a monthly fee of $7. The agency plan, which starts at $17 per month, is another option. | Domain Authority 20 is more superficial than other Linktree alternatives on my list regarding operation. It’s a great tool to focus on your Instagram traffic and nothing else.

Iglinks Io Linktree Alternative

The free plan lets you add one social media account and one link and track your clicks.

Paid plans start at $11 per month and let you add more reports and links, giving you access to more detailed click analysis.

Overall, is an excellent tool if Instagram is your primary social media platform and you want a simple way to track your link clicks.


  • Easy for beginners
  • Pre-designed landing page templates
  • Unlimited links

Pricing: offers a free and paid plan that starts at $9/month.

The paid plan includes all of the features of the free program, plus custom branding, link expiration, and password protection.

Hypage | Domain Authority 18

Hypage offers a variety of templates and tools that make it easy to create a professional-looking page.

Hypage Linktree Alternative

It is one of the best alternatives to Linktree if you’re looking for a platform that offers more customization options.

With Hypage, you can create a unique page that reflects your brand identity.


  • Offers more customization options
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a variety of features


Get started with the free edition, or upgrade to the premium plan for $19/month. The business plans begin at $39/month for larger groups.

Tapkit | Domain Authority 18

Tapkit is a tool that allows you to customize your links and track their performance.

It also offers a variety of features such as link scheduling, link expiration, and password protection.

Tapkit is an excellent alternative for those seeking more control over their Linktree.

Tapkit Linktree Alternative

It is also a good choice for those who want to track the performance of their links.

Advertising as the “most complete link management solution” is a tool to consider.


  • QR code generator
  • In-built quiz feature
  • TV campaign support
  • Password protection


Tapkit offers a free, paid plan starting at $15/month.

The paid plan includes all of the features of the free program, plus custom branding, link expiration, and password protection.

Linktree Alternatives for Your 'Business Link in Social Media Bio'

Top Linktree Alternatives
S. No.Alternatives to LinktreeDAPA

Free Alternatives to Linktree for TikTokers or TikTok Musicians

S. No.Free Linktree AlternativesDAPA

Why Should You Consider Alternatives to Linktree?

Even though Linktree is a great tool, it’s not the only option.

Several alternatives offer additional features and benefits. The following are some compelling reasons to use one of these tools:

– They offer more customization options:

If you want to make your Linktree stand out, you may want to consider using a tool that provides more customization options.

For example, some free Linktree alternatives allow users to change their link page’s colours, fonts and arrangement.

The best way to do this is so as to have your page more cohesive with what your brand looks and feels like.

– They provide more analytics:

Many of the best alternatives to Linktree comprise some shape of data collection which enables you to monitor the clicks through rate and know the best-performing references.

This kind of information can be very instrumental in making adjustments to your social media marketing strategies.

How to Choose The Best Linktree Alternative for Your Business?

After identifying some of the best Linktree alternatives, you can choose the most suitable one for your business. In order to pick the right one, examine your requirements and financial capabilities.

For instance, if you need something more advanced such as lead capture and email marketing tools then ShortStack would be a perfect choice. If your resources are limited then is a good choice as well.

No matter which platform you choose, you just take the time to craft an attractive profile which represents your brand properly.


There are various Linktree alternatives that let you come up with a powerful marketing strategy for any sort of your social media bio links management.

Every platform has its features and advantages distinct to it. Choose platform that fits into your needs best. You can try various platforms to see what works for you most effectively.

Don’t forget to track what output comes, so you can keep making progress on your strategy in future.

By the way, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite Linktree alternative? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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