Discover Attractive Pinterest Board Names and Ideas to Go Viral

Pinterest Board Names Ideas

Pinterest board names play an important role in enhancing your website traffic.

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is a highly competitive social media channel which ranks 15th among the largest social media platforms globally.

With over 498 million users, Pinterest is a perfect image search engine for people. They are using it for both business and personal purposes.

At the same time, 65% of users rate Pinterest as the best place to find other people’s shared images, products, services, and ideas.

Pinterest serves as a great reservoir of inspiration and ideas for many people. For you to get noticed by other people on Pinterest, you must have a creative strategy in managing your boards.

This blog post contains several tips on how you can use different techniques to enhance your visibility on Pinterest, hence increasing your website traffic via pins and boards.

What is a Pinterest Board?

Pinterest, unlike the traditional photos you might see on Instagram or Facebook, is made up of Pins primarily organized on user-created boards.

Pinterest boards help you organize your pins in relation to topics and themes in this social photo sharing network. Promoting your brand on Pinterest is a must for these below reasons:

  • Target specific audiences using Pinterest search.
  • Follow other relevant boards to generate new content ideas.
  • Send traffic from your boards to your sales funnel.

The best thing about Pinterest Boards is the opportunity to organize ideas.

One Pinterest user owns boards that can be shared, and group or shared boards allow other Pinterest users to add pins to the board.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Pinterest Board

Once you choose the best topic for your Pinterest board, it is time to make it attractive. Below are the detailed steps to getting it right.

Step 1 - Identify The Best Keywords

As mentioned above, Pinterest is an image search engine.

Focusing on Pinterest SEO and what keywords you should use to get more views and followers is crucial.

You can use the search bar to find popular phrases related to your topic or idea.

Let’s say that you type in “breakfasts” and see what suggestions come up below.

Identify The Best Keywords for Pinterest

Another way to find some great keywords is to use Ads Manager on Pinterest. You need to have a Pinterest business account to get options.

Go to Ads, click on “Create Ad” and then Continue.

Find Pinterest Keywords

Then, scroll down to the section “Interests and Keywords”, enter a search term.

And, see a list of relevant keywords in the box along with the average monthly views.

Pinterest Keyword Ideas

Step 2 - Use The Best Pinterest Pin Size

If you want more views on your Pinterest board, make sure to use the right size for your pins.

It is essential to focus on pin sizes because you’re competing for screen space. The more screen space you have, the more likely your pin gets higher engagement.

Stick to the optimal pin size, such as 1,000 х 1,500 pixels or any 2:3 aspect ratio.

Make sure to optimize all your images and videos in vertical format for mobile devices because they can crop horizontal photos and videos in the feed.

Recommended file types for image Pins are PNG or JPEG, and for video Pins are MP4, MOV, or M4V.

Step 3 - Create High-Quality Images

To make your Pinterest board viral, use high-quality images to display correctly on all devices and do your brand justice.

You can use a high-resolution camera to take high-quality photos.

There are a lot of image resolution tools to help you improve your image quality.

You can also search for HD stock videos, images, or illustrations on free content marketplaces like Depositphotos or Shutterstock.

Step 4 - Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Website

It is essential to embed your Pinterest boards on your website to increase the reach of your content and connect visitors to your Pinterest.

Your loyal fans can share your Pinterest boards directly from your website.

It will make it easy for your website users to follow your account and engage with fresh and exciting content.

Moreover, you can show your daily business activity and build credibility with first-time visitors.

Step 5 - Optimize Titles and Descriptions

Using the suggested keywords in your titles and descriptions makes your Pinterest boards more people to see. Keep your board titles attractive and direct.

For example, your Pinterest board could be “Easy Breakfast Ideas” or “Best Breakfast Ideas for Kids.”

One more thing to consider, 55% of users visit Pinterest to find something to buy.

You will generate more leads for your brand if you include the right keywords in your boards and descriptions.

Therefore, Pinterest is a unique and excellent platform for eCommerce businesses to get more conversions and sales.

Step 6 - Include a Call to Action

If you want to make people take the next step with you, let them know what to do. A clear call to action will help people understand what to do and where to go.

You can include it in the description or Pin the image to click through your product. Don’t use many words in your photo.

Many business owners miss this tip and opportunity to lead a potential buyer to your site.

Adding a call to action is great for many reasons. First, it helps identify a customer’s need; secondly, it gives them the solution to the problem.

Step 7 - Leverage The Power of Social Media

Integrating Pinterest into your social media strategy will attract a new audience and grow your business.

Let’s say you have an established Pinterest or Twitter page with a large following and engagement.

You can get the most out of that built-in audience and tell your followers about your Pinterest account.

Add a Pinterest tab app to your Facebook page, and let your fans view your boards and repin your content without leaving the social network.

Using cross-promotion is an excellent way to gain followers who are already engaging and who want to engage with your brand.

List of 25+ Amazing Pinterest Board Names 2024

Here is the list of Pinterest board ideas for awesome names;

S. No.Remarkable Pinterest Board Names
1Stylish Indoor Plants
2Nail Stamping for Beginners
3Dream Tiny Houses
4World’s Most Endangered Animals
5Creative Craft Room Ideas
6Hacks for Easy Hair Cuts
7Simple IPHONE Hacks
8Must Visit Travel Destinations
9Healthy Lunch Recipe
10Special Gifts for Valentine Day
11Cute Designs for Small Bathroom
12DIY Halloween Decorations
13Cool Science Experiments
14Educational Games for Kids
15IPAD Home-Screen Ideas
16Socially Distanced Holidays
17Happy Retirement Wishes Quotes
18Engagement Party Ideas
18Giveaways Ideas for Business
20Money Saving Tips
21Side Hustle Ideas
22Gardening and Landscaping Hacks
23Fashion Tips for Men
24Women Fashion Styles
25Funny Quotes for Friends
26Exciting Hacks for Camping
27Trendy Outfits for Summer
28Vintage Classy Outfits

Best Pinterest Board Names for 20+ Niches

As you know, Pinterest contains a lot of different pins and boards.

To get noticed, you can explore some inspiring and creative board name ideas based on what people are searching for on Pinterest.

These interesting board ideas can guarantee that you will get more views and followers.

Pinterest Board Names for Food & Recipes

  1. All Good Food Recipes
  2. Best Ever Dinner Recipes
  3. Best Comfort Food
  4. Delicious Family Meals
  5. Delightful Food Ideas
  6. Fabulous Lunch Recipes
  7. Great Food Recipe Ideas
  8. Home Cooked Meals
  9. Vegetarian Recipes
  10. Yummy Chicken Recipes
Pinterest Board Names for Food and Recipes

Food is one of the essential things for living beings to support their life, and that’s why this category has become one of the most viewed on Pinterest.

You can create different boards grouped by ingredients, cooking capabilities, or dietary requirements to thumb through all the recipes quickly you’ve shared.

Pinterest Board Name Ideas for Healthy Living & Fitness

  1. Fitness Quotes
  2. Inspirational Tips for Healthy Life
  3. Best Motivational Quotes
  4. Healthy Living Tips
  5. Healthy Lifestyle Activities for Kids
Pinterest Board Names for Healthy Living and Fitness

Healthy Living is an extensive category, and you can refer to many things.

For example, you can talk about healthy eating and regular exercising, workout ideas, diet advice, or gym motivation.

Make sure to do your research to understand your target audience better.

Pinterest Board Ideas for DIY and Crafts

  1. DIY Ideas
  2. Crafts Ideas for Rooms
  3. DIY and Crafts Creative Ideas
  4. Ideas for Fabric Crafts
  5. Craftsman Style Homes
Pinterest Board Names for DIY and Crafts

People love different DIY things and products.

You can show off your skills and share how to do something independently, and DIY boards are great for people interested in crafting and parents.

You can also use a Pinterest Business account to show your DIY products and increase conversions and sales.

Pinterest Board Name Ideas for Fashion and Style

  1. Classic Fashion Outfits
  2. Fashion Tips for Beginners
  3. Fashion Design Sketches
  4. Ideas for Vibrant Fashion
  5. Ladies Fashion Ideas
  6. Punk Fashion Style
  7. Top Fashion Styles
Pinterest Board Name Ideas for Fashion and Style

Fashion and style are everyday necessities that everyone considers.

You can create different boards to show images and photos of the clothes and accessories you’re wearing. Another great idea is to create style guides and clothing reviews.

If you are a fashion brand, you can use the Pinterest shoppable option to sell your products directly.

Pinterest Board Names for Travel

  1. Couple Vacation Destinations
  2. Single Vacation Ideas
  3. Vacation Mood ideas
  4. Travelling is My Passion
  5. Island Vacation Destinations
  6. Dream Destinations for Abroad
  7. Honeymoon Travel Ideas
5. Pinterest Board Names for Travel

If you love traveling and know many helpful things to share, you can create multiple boards on Pinterest.

You can divide your travel boards into travel guides, customs, culture, countries, by budget, hotels, or smart tips.

Pinterest Board Names for Nature

  1. Artificial Plants
  2. Mountains Backed by Nature
  3. Nature Pictures
  4. Natural Masterpieces
  5. Planting Tips And Advice
  6. Wildlife Garden Ideas
Pinterest Board Names for Nature

People love to be in nature.

If you take amazing pictures of wildlife, mountains, seas, lakes, or natural causes, you can create Pinterest boards to show off your masterpieces.

You can also talk about hiking trails, camping, or other things that preserve nature.

Pinterest Board Names for Home Decor

  1. Amazing Home Ideas
  2. Best Plants for Home
  3. Home Decor Ideas
  4. Married Home Ideas
  5. Room Ideas for Teenager
  6. Styles for Home Decorations
Pinterest Board Names for Home Decor

Let’s say you are an interior designer and successfully create interior designs and home decor.

Use Pinterest boards to focus on the most inspiring interiors, unique home items, and home favorites.

Pinterest Board Names for Art

  1. Best Pose Reference Ideas
  2. Ceramics Ideas
  3. Easy Ideas for Painting
  4. Ideas for Classy Art
  5. Printmaking Ideas for Kids
  6. Tattoo Art Making Ideas
  7. Visual Art Ideas
Pinterest Board Names for Art

People love and look at visual art, especially those who can’t paint or draw themselves.

If you are good at painting, ceramics, printmaking, or drawing, show off your creations on Pinterest and share helpful tutorials to teach some skills.

Pinterest Board Names for Photography

  1. Amazing Photoshoots
  2. Beautiful Background for Photos
  3. Capturing Nature Photos
  4. Cool Snaps Ideas
  5. Festival Picture Ideas
  6. Inspirational Photoshoots
  7. Pictures of Wonderful Moments
  8. Stunning Profile Pictures
Pinterest Board Names for Photography

Photography is much more than just beautiful sunsets or breathtaking mountains.

You can create this board to show your photographs and share lighting tips, great shots, and lens recommendations.

Pinterest Board Names for Your Products or Services

  1. B2B Marketing Products and Services
  2. Homemade Products to Sell
  3. Makeup Products
  4. Products for Curly Hair
  5. Skin Care Solutions
  6. Zero Waste Products
Pinterest Board Names for Your Products or Services

Using this board to center around your products.

And, show them in use is a great idea. Using the Pinterest shoppable option is a win-win way to increase your sales revenue.

You can share images of your products or services, valuable pieces of advice on how to use them, or just upcoming product releases.

Pinterest Board Names for Hair and Makeup Tips

  1. Best Natural Hair Styles
  2. Best Makeup Tips for Women
  3. Curly Hairstyle Trends
  4. Easy Hairstyles Ideas
  5. Healthy Hair Tips
  6. Hair Care And Styling
  7. Secrets for Easy Hair Cuts
  8. Red Hair Trends
  9. Trendy Hairstyles
Pinterest Board Names for Hair and Makeup Tips

According to a study, 60% of women outranked men on Pinterest.

Therefore, the hair and makeup ideas board is top of the category searchers. Sharing how-to videos and beauty tips about hairstyles and makeup is a must-have for the female category.

Moreover, the beauty community continues to grow on social media channels, including Pinterest.

Pinterest Board Names for Architecture

  1. Architecture Design Secrets
  2. Architectural House Plans
  3. Building Design Architecture
  4. Concept Drawings for Architecture
  5. Home Improvement Architect
  6. Interior Architecture Designs
  7. Modern Architecture Design
Pinterest Board Names for Architecture

Unique architecture, building designs, eco-friendly designs, skyscrapers, architectural history, and something that people find satisfying, modern, and remarkable.

If you run a business referring to home improvements, building design, or house design plans, this board may be perfect for you to get more views and traffic.

Pinterest Board Names for Books

  1. Amazing Book to Read
  2. Books That Will Change Your World
  3. Funniest Books to Read
  4. Historical Fiction Books
  5. Magnificent Reads
  6. Must Read Books
  7. Recommended Books
  8. Undiscovered Books for Teen
Pinterest Board Names for Books

If you love reading and writing books, this board can be right for you to share with your target audience.

You can tell what books, e-books, and authors will be worth reading to educate your audience about a subject matter they don’t know anything about.

Pinterest Board Names for Business Tips

  1. Best Way to Get Customers
  2. Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity
  3. How to Get Clients
  4. Secrets to Grow Business Effortlessly
  5. Tips to Be Passionate
  6. Understand Risks and Research
  7. Ways to Analyze Competitors
Pinterest Board Names for Business Tips

If you run a business and know how to build a successful business, it will be excellent to share valuable business tips on this board.

Many people on Pinterest are looking for time management, motivational quotes, productivity tips, and other business things.

You can create how-to tutorials and eye-catching infographics to outline the business process.

Pinterest Board Names for Technology

  1. Android Apps for Teachers
  2. Excellent Apps for University
  3. High Speed Gaming Laptops
  4. Important Apps for Business
  5. Tech Tools for Everyday
  6. Simple Mouse Tricks
  7. Writing Apps for Students
Pinterest Board Names for Technology

Whether you like it or not, technology is rapidly growing and offering innovations every year.

If you follow tech trends and provide tech products, use this board to tell about the coolest gadgets, tech news and reviews, how-to guides, or cryptocurrencies.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest is a great visual search engine for personal and business reasons.

Whether you want to share ideas and inspiration or sell your products, choose the best category to make a good Pinterest board.

Fortunately, you have a great list of board name ideas to get more views and traffic. Keep SEO in mind when optimizing your pins and boards.

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