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Keen to know everything about the LinkedIn carousel post?

In the year 2018, an addition of LinkedIn carousel posts with an ultimate goal of providing extensive and elaborate information capable of making a positive impact was made.

This has made LinkedIn carousel posts be preferred among many in reaching out to a particular group.

Now, let’s learn more about LinkedIn carousel posts including; what they are, reasons why they’re good for marketing strategies, how you can make a post out of them and how to go about posting it.

Apart from that, you’ll also be able to look at some of the key questions that people tend to ask about this interesting format of LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn carousel posts are a set of static or video posts that flow in a sequence to share a brand story, educational content, or anything else under the sun.

Your viewers can go through the post by swiping left (or right if they want to revisit a slide.)

One of the biggest advantages of using LinkedIn carousel posts for marketing is that LinkedIn allows you to include your custom logos and contact information in these documents.

Creating leads through your content is made super easy by this.

Moreover, unlike Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to easily add up to 20 slides. Nonetheless, it would be advisable for you to append only those slides which do add value to your content.

Why Use LinkedIn Carousel Posts?

LinkedIn users have begun to adopt carousel posts as a way of following the trend, but these posts are not perceived well by many users in terms of their personal benefits.

That’s why I have some reasons why you should try LinkedIn carousel posts if you haven’t done so.

  • Carousel posts help you create a visually engaging experience that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • By standing out from the crowd, you attract more viewers, which further drives engagement and impressions.
  • Good posts help you divert the viewers to your profile, helping you create a community that is open to hearing your views and in the future, your products.
  • Finally, it gives you a cheap and affordable marketing platform to promote your business.

Now that I’ve convinced you to try out LinkedIn carousel posts, let’s move on and discover how to create one.

How to Create a Carousel Post on LinkedIn

Contrary to popular belief, creating a carousel post for LinkedIn will not give you cold sweats.

A LinkedIn post can easily be created as long as you are familiar with elements, principle of designs and able to navigate through Canva.

Even if you do not, just dive in and you will figure it out in no time. Then, let’s quickly look at how you should go about crafting LinkedIn content.

Step 1: Open a blank canvas on Canva and set your canvas size as 1200 X 1200 px, as this is the ideal LinkedIn carousel post dimensions.

Or, you can just find “LinkedIn post” in the templates and choose a pre-made LinkedIn post that you can edit.

Step 2: On this blank canvas, start by designing your title slide – what is your post about? This will also determine the type of post you’re creating. More about this in a bit.

Step 3: Now, once you have the title slide ready, add a few elements that would overlap with the next slide. If you’re a beginner, then I suggest you go with an arrow.

Step 4: Keep adding the content in the following slides and make sure everything flows well.

Step 5: Finally, download your creation as a “pdf”.

LinkedIn Carousel Post Specifications

If you’re not using a pre-built template and want to start from scratch, these are some guidelines that you need to take care of.

  1. The name of the carousel post should be up to 255 characters and even less, if possible.
  2. Do not exceed 255 characters for the introduction. Try to keep it to 150 characters to avoid text cutting on some devices.
  3. The maximum file size for LinkedIn carousel posts is 10 MB.

Okay, so I’ve covered the basics of creating a LinkedIn post. Here are some sample templates to help you.

Optimize LinkedIn Carousel Post Size for Maximum Engagement

Marketing professionals and companies utilize LinkedIn as an interactive means of establishing relationships and sharing valuable content.

Carousel posts, a favorite content form, are great at telling stories or showing information in visual form.

To maximize the impact of your LinkedIn carousel posts, a deep grasp of image and graphics dimensions is imperative.

Now, let’s delve into LinkedIn carousel post size guidelines and best practices to boost the appeal of your content.

LinkedIn Carousel Post Size Guidelines

Creating a LinkedIn carousel post empowers you to utilize multiple images and slides for audience engagement. To ensure top-notch appearance and cross-device accessibility, adhere to these size guidelines:

  1. Image Dimensions: Opt for 1080 x 1080 pixels for each image or slide. This square aspect ratio ensures clarity.
  2. File Size: Restrict image file sizes to under 8MB for quicker loading. Compress images if needed while preserving quality.
  3. File Format: Employ common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF. JPEG is often preferred for its balance of quality and file size.
  4. Text and Image Placement: Exercise care in text and image positioning within each slide to avoid essential information being cropped on smaller screens.

Why Optimal Size Matters

By comprehending and implementing LinkedIn’s carousel post size guidelines and best practices, your content gains enhanced engagement, accessibility, and visual appeal.

Below are the top reasons why LinkedIn carousel post size matters:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The correct dimensions enhance the professionalism and visual appeal of your carousel posts, capturing audience attention and driving engagement.
  • Improved User Experience: Properly sized carousel posts load swiftly and display flawlessly on diverse devices, contributing to a positive user experience and reduced bounce rates.
  • Consistency: LinkedIn’s recommended dimensions create a uniform look and feel, strengthening brand identity and making content instantly recognizable.
  • Accessibility: Optimized carousel posts cater to a broader audience, accommodating slower internet connections and older devices.

LinkedIn Carousel Post Template (Based On Post Type)

Below are a few LinkedIn carousel post examples to help you decide what kind of carousel post you want to go for on LinkedIn.

A. Infographics

Whitepapers can be boring and just not enough to grab the attention of the masses. Instead, try engaging infographics that inform the reader through visually appealing elements.

B. Step-by-Step Guides

Free educational content is always a hit among the masses.

With people looking to absorb new information continuously, sharing step-by-step guides can help you gain the attention of these viewers.

Furthermore, it will help you establish your credibility and attract clients in the long run.

C. Event Updates/Conference Slides

Another way to use carousels is to share the latest product updates/launches with your audience through simple, informative product slides.

This will attract people specific to your niche who’re looking for the services you’re offering.

D. Listicles

Listicles are one of the most popular formats for carousels. These are like engaging microblogs that give you simple methods to perform an activity.

A good listicle would be “10 simple techniques for boosting your Instagram followers.”

As long as you have a clear goal and understand what your audience is looking for, then you will have something to offer to them.

E. Career Opportunities

Also, with talent retention becoming an issue, carousel posts also offer you a great way of attracting talent through innovative and comprehensive carousels that reach the right people.

Before moving ahead, here are some quick tips for you when creating a LinkedIn carousel post.

Best Practices to Create a LinkedIn Carousel Post

In addition to ensuring the right LinkedIn carousel post, consider these tips for crafting more captivating and effective content:

  • Keep your images few, but make sure they’re relevant to your content and are high quality.
  • Choose a headline that leaves your audience wanting more – create suspense.
  • Leverage each slide to weave a sequential story or communicate a step-by-step process.
  • Each slide should have a headline that summarizes its content.
  • Keep your slides consistent – use the same tones, and elements throughout.
  • Talk to your audience. Keep the tone conversational.
  • Embed a persuasive CTA in the final slide and guide your audience to take action.
  • Note – All of your slides should be to-the-point and have a seamless flow to them, especially avoiding long, tedious paragraphs

Now that you know everything, here’s how you post a carousel on LinkedIn. So, start to create carousels that attract people, follow these simple tips.

How to Post a Carousel on LinkedIn

Posting a LinkedIn post is as easy as buttering a toast. Here’s a step-by-step guide to do it.

  1. Click on the “start a post” bar to create a post.
  2. Afterward, select the option labeled “add a document” by clicking on it.
  3. Browse your computer for the doc you created, add a caption and some relevant hashtags.
  4. and voila, your post is ready to be shared with the world!

FAQ(s) About LinkedIn Carousel Post

Carousel posts perform better on social media in general just because they are much more engaging and educational than your regular posts. Moreover, since carousels have written content and are easier to create than video posts, creators tend to go for them more.

Yes, you can include videos in a LinkedIn carousel post. Simply select the video option when creating a new card and upload the video file.

To monitor the LinkedIn carousel post performance, hit the three dots located at the top most right corner of the particular post, then choose “View Analytics” and get to know figures like impression numbers, click rates as well as engagement rates across every card within the carousel post.


LinkedIn carousel posts are an excellent tool for attracting users’ interest and making your profile unique among others.

The option of adding up to 20 slides, enables you to make an informative presentation that is also visually relevant to your viewers’ professional lives.

Inclusion of LinkedIn carousel posts in your marketing plan can help in uplifting client interaction rates alongside high impressions besides potential client attraction.

However, choosing the right topic and tracking engagement can be challenging. That’s why you need an SEO marketer to help you through it.

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