Top 75+ Free Podcast Submission Sites List for Audio Sharing 2024

Podcast Submission Sites to Submit Audio Shows

Using podcast submission sites for voice marketing has become a way of establishing a natural bond with the audience. It is within the dynamic world of podcasting that covers various topics.

Podcasting, a digital media form that involves the creation and distribution of audio content in episodic series, covers diverse topics such as entertainment, education, news, interviews, and storytelling.

Users can conveniently stream or download content through various audio sharing platforms, allowing flexible listening.

Podcast directories, online platforms that organize and categorize podcasts, enhance user discoverability and accessibility, simplifying the process of finding, accessing, and subscribing to diverse audio content.

Functioning as centralized hubs, akin to digital libraries, these directories curate and sort podcasts based on genres, topics, or themes.

So, gear up, prepare your podcast, and let the world tune in to your captivating stories and discussions through these below podcasting sites.

Top 10 Podcast Submission Sites to Use in 2024

Enhance your audio content game and let the world tune in to your voice with these below top ten podcast submission sites for free audio sharing.


Influential Podcast Submission Site

Website -

Domain Authority - 100

YouTube serves not only as a video-sharing platform but also as an influential podcast submission site, offering creators a unique opportunity to broaden their audience base.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts for Creators

Website -

Domain Authority - 99

It’s an essential podcast platform to reach a vast and diverse audience.

Apple Podcasts is a top podcast directory with high visibility and connects your valuable content to the vast audiences worldwide.

Leverage this powerful site to increase the audience of your podcasts, catch the interest of many people at once and make solid inroads into the world of audio content.


Spotify for Podcasters

Website -

Domain Authority - 94

This podcasting platform is a must for broadening your podcast’s reach with millions of active users. Spotify provides a dynamic space to enhance your podcast’s visibility and connect with a vast audience.

Serving as a premier hub for content discovery, this influential platform introduces your podcast to new listeners worldwide.

Achieve, connect, and enthrall with Spotify as your ultimate podcasting ally.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Website -

Domain Authority - 91

It’s an ultimate podcasting gateway which ensures accessibility for Android users worldwide.

As a leading platform, Google Podcasts enables creators to connect with millions of Android users, delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Boost the discoverability of your podcast and engage with a diverse global audience.


PodBean - A Free Podcast Submission Site

Website -

Domain Authority - 90

Podbean is a dedicated podcast hosting platform which offers comprehensive audio submission services and transcends the ordinary.

With its intuitive interface, your content ascends to new heights, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both creators and listeners.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio Podcasting Portal

Website -

Domain Authority - 89

It’s a podcast portal to a global streaming service that engages over 75 million monthly active users.

Whether you yearn for the latest news, diverse radio programs, thrilling sports coverage, soulful music, or captivating podcasts, TuneIn delivers an unmatched listening experience.

Join the millions who prefer TuneIn as their primary podcasting platform and enhance your listening journey with TuneIn Radio – where the world’s sounds converge for your auditory delight.


Spreaker Podcasting Site

Website -

Domain Authority - 89

Whether you are seasoned in podcasting or are just beginning, you can utilize Spreaker to get tools for turning your thoughts into audio files and sending them to the ones who care without problem.

Begin your podcasting journey successfully by using Spreaker as it offers an all in one solution that will enable you to share your voice online.


Stitcher Made for Podcasts

Website -

Domain Authority - 86

It’s an excellent discovery and listening platform with a podcast submission process for content creators.

Key Announcement: Stitcher is no longer operational for podcasts. Subscribers can now access podcasts through the SiriusXM app or its syndicated platforms.

Note – I have added one extra podcast submission site as an alternative to this one to make the list of top ten ones complete.


Audioboom Podcasting for Brands Creators

Website -

Domain Authority - 86

It’s an excellent platform for sharing engaging, high-quality audio content.


Podomatic - Professional Podcasting for Everyone

Website -

Domain Authority - 86

Start your professional podcasting journey with Podomatic – the ultimate platform since 2005 for effortlessly growing your podcast.

Utilize the power of strong recording, seamless publishing, in-depth stats & analytics, effective promotion, and advanced monetization tools – all consolidated in one place.

Become part of the community of creators who rely on Podomatic for a comprehensive podcasting experience.

Pocket Casts

PocketCasts Free Podcasting App

Website -

Domain Authority - 76

Enhance your podcasting journey with Pocket Casts – the portal to advanced listening, search, and discovery tools.

It enables you to manage and enjoy your favorite shows flawlessly, transcending platform limitations.

Engage yourself in a curated content world where each listen is a personalized journey.

Top 10 Audio Sharing Sites: Beyond Podcasting

Explore free audio sharing sites to amplify your reach. These platforms cater to various audio content types, providing an additional showcase for your podcast.

S. No.High Quality Audio Sharing SitesWebsite DA

Podcast Directories to Submit Your Podcast Shows

Here are the top podcast directories to submit your podcast shows. Start and get an extra content exposure.

S. No.Top Podcast Directories ListWebsite DA

Free USA Audio Submission Sites

Find the list of free audio submission website based in United States of America. Explore and start with all.

S. No.Free Audio Submission Sites of USAWebsite DA

Why Podcasting is Important in Marketing?

Podcasting in marketing is a powerful tool that surpasses conventional advertising.

Its ability to establish a personal connection, build trust, and provide valuable, long-form content makes it integral to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Here are the key reasons why it’s a valuable tool in marketing strategies:

1. Accessibility and Convenience

Podcasts are a great way to consume content while doing something else such as driving, working out and cleaning the house, making it easier for people to reach a bigger audience.

People can listen without having to look at their screen and therefore have greater chances of attracting and keeping a wide range of audience.

2. Builds Trust and Authority

Podcasts are used by marketers as means to show their competence, share knowledge about their industry and have authoritative voice.

This helps in making target audience trust your product because they can see that it is associated with experts through such comprehensive talk sessions and brand interaction with members of media (writers) who host these type informal radio programs.

3. Personal Connection

Audio content’s intimacy makes it possible for the podcast to form a direct relationship with its listeners, through which the audience feels connected to either the brand or person producing it, thus leading to increased brand loyalty and a stronger attachment.

4. Long-Form Content and In-Depth Discussions

Podcasts allow marketers to delve into topics more comprehensively compared to shorter-form content. This approach provides valuable insights and information not achievable in other formats.

5. Reach a Global Audience

Podcasts allow businesses to connect with diverse audiences with global reach that transcends geographical boundaries.

Podcasts frequently captivate niche audiences, enabling marketers to effectively target specific demographic segments.

6. Versatility in Content Creation

Brands can experiment with different types of content within podcasts, such as interviews, panel discussions, storytelling, and educational programs.

This makes it possible for marketers to customize their messages to various tastes in their target market.

7. Engagement and Brand Recall

Regular podcast releases help maintain consistent engagement with the audience. Subscribers receive notifications of new content, reinforcing brand recall and keeping the brand top-of-mind.

8. Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Podcasting is cost effective marketing in comparison to other traditional methods. Podcast themselves are relatively cheap because all you need is setup some basic equipment and the rest will take care of itself.

That means if you want people hear about your brand then it’s time you thought about starting one.

Benefits of Podcast Submission Directories

The critical roles of podcast directories in today’s digital world of broadcasting cannot be overestimated, particularly for podcast creators and listeners.

The following text shows what these roles are:

1. Discoverability and Accessibility

By putting podcasts within directories, it can be easily for users to find what they are looking for in terms of content since it groups them according to what each person likes.

Arranging them like that creates good user interface that makes possible quick searches, as well as easy browsing through many different ones.

2. Increased Visibility for Creators

Listing in popular directories significantly boosts visibility for podcast creators, acting as powerful marketing tools that expose their content to a broader audience. This heightened visibility attracts new listeners and aids creators in growing their audience base over time.

3. Centralized Platform for Listeners

Platforms that are centralized allow people who listen to podcasts to manage and access them easily.

This enables them carry out this on their convenience, moreover encouraging users choose different types of podcasts without browsing through many websites.

4. Subscription Management

Many times directories have options for subscription which allow listeners to know when their favorite podcast shows come up with new episodes.

If they do not subscribe they might miss these updates all together thus being able to take part in discussions on episodes produced by this people.

5. Validation and Credibility

Being featured in reputable podcast directories adds a layer of validation and credibility to a podcast. Users often trust established directories, and inclusion signals to potential listeners that the podcast meets certain quality standards.


Podcast submission sites are very important in helping creators connect better with their target audience so as to help the ecosystem of Podcasts grow and succeed.

For both creators and listeners, these podcast directories are well arranged and easy to find online.

Choosing wisely ensures your podcast stands out, allowing your audio content to reach a broader audience.

Keep podcasting!

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