List of Guest Posting Sites You Should Consider To Submit Your Content

The internet is flooded with guest posting sites, resources and information.


You have to be visible and earn credibility to make your work known to online users interested in your field and to increase your website’s search engine ranking.


This can be done by guest posting.


Guest posting helps you increase your traffic influx and get backlinks from prestigious sites.


This process enables you to build up a reputation as an expert in the matter and gives you more authenticity.


So, let’s start understanding what guest post is!

Guest posting or guest blogging is an act of writing on a website other than yours to charm the readers, by paid or unpaid means.


In simple terms, guest posting is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, trust, authority, and quality backlinks.


It is a powerful way to represent your content on a site relevant to your area of expertise to get your presence marked amongst the people interested in your content.


The more frequently you write on websites within your content parameter, the more backlinks you will get to your website.


Getting your page mentioned on high-quality websites of your niche makes you more recognizable and believable to the users online.


This results in an increment in your ranking on search results.

How to Choose a Website to Guest Post on?

You cannot guest post on any website that allows you to do it.


  • To establish yourself as an expert and to build trust, you need to post only on websites that have high DA.
  • You have to work effectively and sort out the sites that discuss the context same as yours and allow for guest post.
  • If you get associated with writing on spam or unreliable websites, it will ward off readers and be counterproductive.
  • You can analyze the host website by scrapping the backlink provided by them.
  • Even, you can analyze it by checking their domain authority, monthly visits, toxicity score, page authority, etc.
  • You can also sort out websites for guest posting by analyzing your competitor’s backlink history.


Repeating the guest blogging process consistently leads to trust-building.


Eventually, more users spread the word by giving you a backlink, which means greater opportunities to guest post about your services.


This will help you with your SEO, traffic, and brand recognition on a larger platform.


Additionally, it can also get you a partner for your website or sponsors interested in your work and help you increase your reach.


Let’s explore the list of guest posting websites!

Top 10 Guest Posting Sites List of High DA

Explore all the top sites having high organic traffic which can surely enhance your website’s traffic in 2022.

S. No. Top Guest Posting Websites DA

Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Here is the list of blogging websites that accept guest posts for free.

  • Huffpost DA 94
  • Buzz Feed DA 93
  • Mashable DA 93
  • Makeuseof (MUO) DA 91
  • Smashing Magazine DA 90
  • Business Insider DA 89
  • Dailydot DA 88
  • Site Point DA 87
  • DZone DA 83
  • DA 81
  • Social Media Examiner DA 80
  • Venngage DA 77
  • Buzz Sumo DA 76

Free Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites 2022

Below are the sites that accept guest posts with easier and instant approval to get your blogs published on their websites.

  1. Medium DA 95
  2. Bloglovin DA 93
  3. Quora DA 93
  4. Hubpages DA 90
  5. Strikingly DA 86
  6. Ko-fi DA 78
  7. Vocal Media DA 66
  8. Store Board 60
  9. Trendy Read DA 55
  10. Linkody Blog DA 43

Niche Sites to Submit Guest Post for Free

Here is the list of guest posting sites for different niches. Explore and submit your blogs on their websites for free.

SEO Guest Posting Sites List

  • SEO Calling DA 53
  • Ignite Visibility DA 51
  • Rank Watch DA 47
  • SEO Scout DA 45
  • Boostability DA 45
  • Mangools DA 44
  • DA 43
  • SEO Sandwitch DA 38
  • SEO Reseller DA 36
  • The SEO Spot DA 27

Tech Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Foss Bytes 83
  2. Tech Times DA 83
  3. Tech Worm DA 77
  4. ITech Post DA 65
  5. Tech Bullion DA 62
  6. Tech Untold DA 45
  7. Biz Techcs DA 44
  8. Tech Rrival DA 43
  9. The Next Tech DA 35
  10. Techno Soups DA 31

Business Guest Posting Sites List

  • American Express DA 89
  • Biz Community DA 79
  • Market Business News DA 68
  • Ideas Plus Business DA 60
  • Skills You Need DA 60
  • Tweak Your DA Biz 55
  • DA 49
  • Business Writing Blog DA 47
  • The Boss Magazine DA 46
  • Small Bizsense DA 44

Finance Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Finance.Yahoo DA 93
  2. Market Watch DA 92
  3. Seeking Alpha DA 90
  4. Investment News DA 67
  5. Saving Advice DA 62
  6. CXO Today DA 61
  7. Earn Forex DA 59
  8. Finsmes DA 59
  9. Talk Markets DA 51
  10. Financial Wolves DA 36

Travel Guest Posting Sites List

  • Times Travel by India Times DA 94
  • Travelers Today DA 64
  • A Luxury Travel Blog DA 62
  • Dangerous Roads DA 60
  • Budget Your Trip DA 58
  • Thrillo Philia DA 57
  • Local Adventurer DA 56
  • Tripoto DA 54
  • My Family Travels DA 53
  • Walk Through India DA 53

Home Improvement Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Houzz 90
  2. Gardening Know How DA 81
  3. UrDesignMag DA 77
  4. Remodelista DA 76
  5. Gardenista DA 76
  6. Architecture Art Designs DA 65
  7. Architecture Lab DA 51
  8. Caan Design DA 49
  9. Residence Style DA 48
  10. Impressive Interior Design DA 46

Real Estate Guest Posting Sites List

  • Active Rain DA 74
  • Celeb Homes DA 73
  • European Property DA 62
  • Realty Times DA 59
  • Real Estate Rama DA 57
  • Realty Biz News DA 54
  • Barcelona Home DA 49
  • The Architects Diary DA 36
  • Kenna Real Estate DA 34
  • Property Talk DA 30

Benefits of Guest Posting

Similar to any investment, guest posting will require some effort before you start seeing concrete results.


Researching valuable sites to post on and learning the posting requirements for your various possibilities are the first stages.


But, once you’ve finished them, your business will have another marketing tool in its toolbox.


Given below are some of the main advantages of guest posting.


1. Chance to build natural and quality backlinks


When establishing your rankings, search engines consider the quantity and quality of links leading back to your website.


Guest posting gives you an edge and the opportunity to get more natural backlinks. Each link you receive is an attestation of your brand credibility.


You can include at least one link back to your website on many guest posting websites.


2. Bring in New Audiences and Gain Attention from Potential New Customers


Connecting with audiences outside your target market is made possible by posting content on other websites.


Although not all guest posts will immediately increase your sales, the material you produce for different websites is essential for establishing your brand’s popularity.


Additionally, guest posting enables you to develop a community for your clients that will act as an informational resource


As a result, the buyer perceives your company as reliable and valuable.


This is especially crucial as you look for ways to develop your company and broaden your customer base.


Positive interactions will encourage repeat business and convert them into shared experiences that entice and draw in new clients.


3. Boost Referral Traffic


Your business’s web pages perform better in search engines as website traffic increases.


Guest posting for authoritative websites helps you increase referral traffic to your own site and benefit from an already-existing readership.


Additionally, search engines will value your content more if you have hyperlinks in numerous guest posts, thus helping you crawl up to the top of the SERPs.


4. Increase Brand Exposure


By guest posting and contributing material to reputable industry websites, people who have never heard of your firm before will learn about it from a reliable source.


Ensure the information in your guest articles is high caliber and presents a favorable view of your brand. Since your content will be present on a well-known website, you’ve already got a leg up.


All you have to do now is make the best out of this opportunity!


5. Strengthen Your Online Authority


Using guest posts to build brand trust and authority is a powerful growth strategy.


Your audience will see that you are an expert on your subject if they find content on other well-known websites that your potential clients are already familiar with.

Remember that you should always provide relevant citations and references to back up any statements you make in your posts.


6. Generate Qualified Leads


In addition to producing content that demonstrates your relevance to a given topic, you should search for websites that have already established a strong following and consistent traffic.


You will have the chance to connect with companies and people who have expressed interest in your offerings through these websites.


When designing the page to which you want to direct people, be sure to highlight a concrete action.


7. Give You Channels Through Which to Network with Other Bloggers and Webmasters


You have the opportunity to develop new business ties when you write content for another page.


Your digital footprint will grow more frequently as you share knowledge with other organisations and people.


In the end, you can find yourself garnering chances to speak as a guest on other business platforms, developing additional B2B prospects, or expanding your professional network.

Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Posting

Here are some dos and don’ts to remember when preparing to start a guest posting plan.


Using these pointers will improve your chances of having your guest post accepted and published with all links included.


DO read at least three blogs on the website before you send something. Your chances of publishing your piece on a well-known website are highest if it is similar to what they usually post.


Word count, reading level (beginning vs. advanced), and voice are things to pay close attention to (serious, kooky, snarky, etc.).


Read the blog’s guest posting policies if they are available.


DON’T write something that already exists all over the internet. Focus on adding value and original content.


First and foremost, you don’t want to irritate the blog’s editor or followers. Second, it is poor SEO practice to rewrite well-known content.


Don’t send a guest article that is so evident and well-known that anyone might locate a SERP containing it with a quick Google search.


Finding a topic with volume, but not so much volume that it gets lost in the cacophony is similar to finding a keyword.


DO establish a relationship before you write. Although it’s not technically necessary, you’ll have more success if the editors are already aware of you if you’re seeking to get a guest post published on a more exclusive blog.


Start by leaving a comment on the blog, adding a link to it on your website, or interacting with the editors and writers on Twitter.


DO write a title that matches your content. I occasionally receive guest post entries that fall short of the title’s expectations.


Don’t, for instance, write about why and how to conduct local keyword research in a piece titled “How Much Time Should You Invest in Keyword Research Per Week?”.


My experience shows that relevancy plays a huge role.


An apt title that accentuates what a blog post exactly delivers, combined with some strategically placed subheads, can improve a post by more than 50% without altering the content.


DON’T send the exact same guest blog to multiple sites. Editors of blogs like original content.


I always check Google to make sure an article hasn’t previously been published elsewhere when someone gives me one that appears somewhat generic.


Even if you stick to the same general concept when reusing material you’ve written in the past, make significant alterations.


For instance, you could convert a “Top 10 Tips” list into a FAQ.


DO send some images so the blog editor doesn’t have to find one. Include a screenshot when reviewing software or compiling a list of your favorite plug-ins.


Include a table or graph to demonstrate your data when writing a case study. In short, make sure to attach a few relevant images to look more forthcoming.


DON’T link-stuff. You risk having your article rejected if the opening paragraph contains five links to your website.


Everyone knows you are guest writing in exchange for a link, but avoid treating your editor in a cheesy or tacky manner.


If there is something you want to link to, it should influence what you write about. Save your links for your bio otherwise.


Only link to your site in the body of the post if it is genuinely essential to the topic.


DON’T send guest posts to sites that don’t fall under your area of expertise. Editors can tell a post that was hastily researched from 30 feet away.


If you are unfamiliar with the subject matter of the site in issue, you will probably end up creating one of those posts that already exist.


Find a way to make it relevant if you’re attempting to create links outside your expertise area.


For instance, if you work for a marketing firm and want to submit a guest post to a blog on Internet marketing, write about the ‘Five ways marketers generate leads.’


Writing a guest post that will determine the value and quality of online content must be done carefully.

Before drafting a guest post for the website, read their original content thoroughly to understand the pattern of writing published by them.

You don’t have to copy their writing style and make your guest post sound different from your content online.

Just make your content as easy to read and informative as the original posts.

If you write up a pretentious post to lure the users, then you won’t be able to get into a long-standing relationship with them, as they may like your one guest post but disapprove of your homepage if you don’t carry it at the same level of quality as your guest post.

Ensure that your form and creative way of writing are also accentuated in the post so that the authenticity of the content you write can be known to the readers.

This could be your way to attract users by making your writing sound compelling and original.

Remember, you have to establish an authority figure through your post. Experts and learners on the topic will read this.

Thus, this is your chance to be considered a reputable content provider online. Make this guest post work like a strong foothold for you in the field of your context.

Write a unique article but with a familiar way of interacting with the readers, and let the world know what you have to offer them in this writing arena.

Yes, guest posting can be a tedious process, but have faith in the process, and be patient to unleash the true potential!

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