I’m Feeling Doodly: What Is It & How to Use Google Doodles Game Button

I’m Feeling Doodly

Curious about the I’m feeling doodly button on Google’s homepage?

Renamed as “I’m Feeling Lucky”, the “I’m feeling doodly” a Google doodles game button leads you to a whole new world of amazing artwork and helps you explore the different cultures and changemakers in the world.

While, for most of us, it’s just fun games and beautiful artwork, there’s a lot that needs to be explored about this exciting tool.

So, let’s dive in and explore all about the I’m feeling doodly button, why Google doodles are important, how to use it, the types of Google Doodles, and everything about them.

I'm Feeling Doodly with Google Doodles Games Button

While most of us are familiar with the button and have tried to explore the universe of Google Doodles, the purpose and what exactly are these Google Doodles is a bit unclear.

Here’s what it is all about.

To honor special days like the birthdays of changemakers, festivals, and great movements, Google creates a new logo to represent them.

It’s usually a clickable link that takes you to a certain information page or starts a game.

This makes it easier for Google to engage people to inform and educate them about the things that matter.

All you need to do as a Google user is click on the logo and you’ll be redirected to the game or a specific page about the event.

Google Games: A Fun Intersection of Doodles & Play

Popular Google Doodle Games

Over the years, not only has Google amused and educated us with their artistic “Google Doodles”, but they’ve also ventured into the playful territory of games.

Yes, you heard that right! Google Games, often intertwined with these memorable Doodles, have become a delightful source of entertainment for millions worldwide.

Ever stumbled upon a captivating, interactive animation on the Google homepage? More often than not, it might be one of Google’s innovative Doodle games.

Merging the creativity of Doodles with engaging gameplay, Google Doodle games (or as some affectionately dub them, “google doodlegames”) offer users a brief escape from their daily routine.

You might be curious, “What sets these Google games apart?” It’s simple – accessibility and creativity.

Whether it’s celebrating a historical figure, a global event, or just some light-hearted fun, Google ensures that their games are both educational and entertaining.

And the best part? You don’t need to download anything! Just a quick search, a click on the ‘google dopodle’ of the day, and you’re ready to dive into the world of Googlegames.

However, Google doesn’t stop at just Doodles. While Doodle games are seasonal and occasional treats, the platform also boasts a plethora of standalone googlegames.

Ranging from quick puzzles to extensive adventures, there’s something for everyone.

So, next time you hear someone talking about a “google doddle game”, you’ll know there’s a world of fun and learning waiting at your fingertips, courtesy of Google’s creative genius.

Types of Google Doodles on I’m Feeling Doodly

There are different types of Google Doodles, and each has its own significance.

Some of the most popular types of Google Doodles are:

Types of I'm Feeling Doodly Google Games

A. Historical Doodles

Categorized by Google as “This day in history”, these doodles celebrate specific events, such as the Olympics, the World Cup, or International Women’s Day.

They often feature illustrations of athletes, flags, or symbols that represent the event.

B. Anniversary Doodles

Anniversary doodles celebrate the birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones of prominent people, organizations, or inventions.

For example, Google created a doodle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

C. Cultural Doodles

Cultural doodles celebrate different cultures, traditions, or festivals from around the world.

They often feature symbols, artwork, or costumes that represent a particular culture or festival, such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, or Halloween.

D. Interactive Doodles

Interactive doodles are special because they allow users to engage with the doodle in a fun and creative way.

For example, the 2018 Halloween doodle featured an interactive game that allowed users to collect candy and solve puzzles.

E. Cause-Related Doodles

Cause-related doodles raise awareness about important social, environmental, or health issues.

They often feature symbols, logos, or slogans that promote the cause, such as Earth Day or International Women’s Day.

Google Doodles: The Objective

Google Doodles are more than just fun and quirky illustrations that adorn the search engine’s homepage.

Here are the five reasons why Google Doodles exist and their significance.

1. Creating Memories & Celebrating Them

Google Doodles are a way to mark special events such as holidays, festivals, and anniversaries.

These Doodles often incorporate culturally significant symbols, motifs, and colors, and provide a sense of recognition and celebration.

2. Educating People and Raising Awareness

Google Doodles can raise awareness about lesser-known historical or cultural events and figures, bringing their stories to a wider audience.

They serve as a visual reminder of important moments in history and can inspire people to learn more about them.

3. Showcasing Creativity and Innovation

Google Doodles are created by a team of artists and designers who bring their unique perspectives to each design.

These Doodles showcase creativity, innovation, and design skills, and encourage users to appreciate the beauty of art and design.

4. Promoting Social Causes

Google Doodles can promote social causes, such as environmental issues, human rights, and healthcare awareness.

These Doodles can bring attention to important social issues and inspire people to take action.

5. Adding a Touch of Fun and Surprise

Google Doodles add a touch of fun and surprise to the daily routine of searching for information online.

They provide a break from the monotony of searching and can brighten up your day with their playful and creative designs.

Yes, they’re fun as well as educating, but why do people give such importance to these temporary logo changes on Google?

Why Are Google Doodles Gaining Attraction?

Google Doodles have become increasingly important in recent times due to various reasons.

They not only provide a means of global communication and bring people together but these doodles have also become a prime example of a well-executed marketing plan, as they help to engage audiences and promote brand awareness.

Digital marketers can learn a lot from Google Doodles, as they offer a great opportunity to experiment with creative content and engage with audiences.

Additionally, these doodles have also changed the way we view Google.

They add a more emotional and softer touch to the search engine and help to showcase the company’s creative side – the reason why this tech giant continues to lead the search engine industry even among the growing competition.

Another great thing about them is that Google Doodles helps content writers understand that their work is not just about them, but about the audience.

They provide an excellent source of content and demonstrate how creative and engaging content can be used to engage audiences and promote a brand.

How to Use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

Located just under the search bar, it’s super easy to use the Im feeling doodly/lucky button.

However, you can use it in two different ways.

A. Explore The Google Doodles

Directly click on the button to visit the Google Doodles page.

This will take you to Google Doodles’ library where you can explore the hundreds and thousands of Google Doodles.

In the search bar at the top of the page, you can type in the topic you’re looking for and explore the doodles related to it.

B. Take a Risk with I’m Feeling Lucky

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Open your web browser and visit the Google homepage.
  • Look for the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button located under the search bar. It should be next to the “Google Search” button.
  • Type in how you’re feeling today in the search bar. Some prompts to go with are happy, sad, or even adventurous. Or if you’re in the mood to explore a topic like “football,” you can type that in.
  • Instead of Google Search, click on the I’m feeling lucky button.
  • It will take you to a popular search page that shows you more information related to your search query.

Here are some prompts to play with when you’re feeling:

Adventurous: If you’re feeling adventurous, the button will take you to search for something adventurous.
Trendy: If you want to know what’s currently trending, the button will take you to the daily trending searches page on Google Trends.
Artistic: If you’re feeling artistic, the button will take you to a random Google art project.
Curious: If you’re feeling curious, the button will take you to a search for an interesting word or topic.
Funny: If you’re feeling funny, the button will take you to a funny search on Google.
Generous: If you’re feeling generous, the button will take you to Google’s donation page in the Play Store.
Playful: If you’re feeling playful, the button will take you to a random interactive Google Doodle.
Stellar: If you’re feeling interested in space, the button will take you to a search about space.

Hungry: If you’re feeling hungry, the button will take you to a search for restaurants.

This is especially great for business owners with well-optimized websites.

If you constantly rank in the top articles for your keywords then it increases your chances to get discovered when someone searches for your keywords.

FAQ(s) about I’m Feeling Doodly

No, the doodle generated by the “I m Feeling Doodly” feature is based on a random selection of moods or emotions. However, you can generate a new doodle by clicking the button again.

Yes, the “I’m Feeling Doodly” feature is available on mobile devices. Simply go to the Google homepage on your mobile device and look for the button.

Usually, the Doodles on Google are created by a team of illustrators and engineers known as Doodlers.

Although they design each Doodle, they are receptive to new ideas for the “I’m Feeling Doodly” feature from Google users.

If you have any suggestions for a future Google Doodle, you can send them an email at [email protected].

In addition to this, Google also frequently holds various competitions in schools and colleges “Doodle 4 Google” where children are encouraged to create Google Doodles for a specific occasion.

The winners are featured on the “I’m feeling lucky” page.

Feeling Lucky? Get On With I’m Feeling Doodly

Google Doodles have become an integral part of the search engine giant’s identity.

The I’m Feeling Lucky button allows users to explore the fascinating world of Google Doodles and learn about important cultural events, social causes, and historical figures.

So, hop on the bandwagon and get on exploring the Google Doodles button today.

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