Explore This Top Backlink Checker Tools List [Free & Paid]

Top Backlink Checker Tools List - Free & Paid

A backlink is significant for a website owner to increase their page rank and get better search engine optimization results from the browser.

It helps a site get many sources of connections from relevant websites, resulting in a higher rank.

Backlinking is when any other page sharing information related to your content topic links your page to redirect the user to help you level up.

To what extent that backlink helps your growth in search results ranking and brings traffic influx to your website depends on the domain authority, credibility, relevancy to your work, and traffic on the page referring you in the first place.

These qualities on the referring page determine whether getting backlinks from these pages is going to be fruitful for you or not.

If you get a referral from spam pages and users, that will not draw users to your page.


Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs provides a service of unlimited checks per day.

It tells the domain authority score of your website and the total number of referring domains to your site.

Moreover, it can help you to improve your SEO by highlighting organic keywords. Like below;

  1. Compare your site backlink with your competitor’s site.
  2. Describe the traffic flow.
  3. Check any website’s DR (Domain Rating).
  4. Specify whether your links are do-follow or no-follow links.
  5. It gives you rank on search engines and locates referral IPs.
  6. Free version is limited to the top 100 results only for backlinks.

You can get a more in-depth analysis by opting for the paid version.

It costs $99 per month.

Google Search Console

Check Backlinks With Google Search Console

GSC only analyzes the websites that you own.

It gives the list of backlinks from google indexing which makes it most reliable.

Google Webmaster will show you a reduced number of backlinks as it removes the backlinks sought out to be low quality (spam).

It gives limited opportunities for analysis but sufficient info, which will help you if you use another tool on that data.

Even, it tells you the total number of backlinks you have, the information that has backlinks, and the most linked content.

It shows the top 1000 results.

It is free of cost.

Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler Free Backlinks Checker

This tool provides you with extensive information about backlinks, like the time of the backlink, the website’s work context, and the country from where it originated.

It helps you track spam links so that you can remove them through this.

You can download 1000 links per website.

It is free of cost.


BuzzSumo Content and Backlink Checker Tool

This tool helps give you information on which website links to your industry’s competitors and the website’s resulting traffic growth with the help of the backlinks.

They summarize the performance of the links from other websites and help you sort out the higher qualities link according to your context.

Also, it tells you which of your content is getting most of the backlinks so that you focus on broadening that topic and provide more content to draw in users.

It costs $99 per month.


Semrush The Best Backlink Checker Tool

Semrush gives info about the backlink, such as the time of generation, place of age, and the content used.

It summarizes your backlink progress in digital form using imaging of the statistical data after the run-through of the URL and shares analytical details.

Moreover, it can track your competitor sites very effectively.

Semrush provides only limited free searches and does not provide a list of the backlinks without a subscription.

It costs $99.95 per month.


Ubersuggest Backlink Checker Tool By Neil Patel

This is a product of Neil Patel, which gives SEO training so that with the help of SEO ranking, you can devise a plan to find which keywords are drawing attention to your content.

It provides the data and content, bringing you the most visitors through backlinks.

Ubersuggest helps you improve your backlink profile to impact your ranking on search engines.

It gives you the domain score of the backlink page and describes whether you are getting a do-follow or no-follow link.

Even, it helps you learn from the strategies of your competitors in the market that is helping them get high-quality backlinks.

Ubersuggest provides a daily ranking of your page.

It Costs – $29/month, or $290/year.

Link Miner

Link Miner Backlink Checker Tool By Mangools

This tool helps you recover lost or deleted links over time to regain the ones that were previously beneficial to you.

It enables you to track whether it’s a do-follow attribute or no follow attribute through a backlink to your page.

Link Miner gives the option of the image tag.

Also, it can tell the language of a referring site, helping you know your target users and the location of origin.

It costs – $29.90/month.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer Tool

This helps you get more options by exploring the new links available.

Moz Link Explorer gives the spam score of the link and enables you to eliminate them to help your rank.

It gives the domain authority score along with the score for page authority.

Moreover, it provides you with anchor text analysis, which is the key to optimizing your ranking when someone searches for the keywords used in your article, helping you get more traffic.

It costs $99/per month.

Rank Watch

Rank Watch Free Backlink Checker Tool

This works with metrics such as referring domains to know the quality of the link.

Rank Watch gives you a clear view of anchor text, helping you optimize search results.

It can provide you with active and deleted links.

Also, it lets you know if the backlink you got referred to is a do-follow or no-follow link.


Seobility Free Backlink Checker Tool

It gives only three backlink checks per day, and the number list of backlinks that can be viewed is up to 400.

Seobility tells you about the domain rating of the link and the referring domains of the link providing the website to know the quality of the link.

It gives you the lead on whether it’s a do-follow attribute or no follow attribute so that you know how it will affect your search engine rating.

Identify the anchored texts so that you can work on that part of your content to draw more users to your website.

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO Site Explorer

Cognitive SEO helps you identify new and valuable links by giving you alerts and also enables you to track your lost link by giving you a message in your inbox.

It analyzes the existing links to your page deeply and sorts out the benefactors from them.

Prevents your page from spam by checking on the backlink and performing an audit on it using its tool.

How can you get effective backlinks?

Backlinks are just about gaining more and more popularity and trust from the readers, making them believe that you are credible and that your source of information can be trusted.

  • You can build up this kind of relationship with people on the web by posting articles about topics related to your services more frequently on relevant sites. The more you are seen sharing content with the experts and learners, the more helpful you become to their cause. This helps you get noticed by high-quality content referral sites, which will score your rankings on search engines.
  • Also, you can interact by commenting on the articles or blogs written by dignitaries of your field on the blog commenting sites. This helps you hold significance among readers if you post comments that stand out among the others. This can even make the writer sort you out among the herd, and if they find your content worth reading, they might ask you to guest post on their website. Being a guest writer on pages with high traffic can allow you to indulge that traffic onto your page as well.

These appearances on pages with high search engine optimization results make you prone to getting backlinks from more websites and establishes your page as a resourceful content provider on the web.

What type of backlinks will help your page rank?

1. Follow Link

This type of backlink is when the “no follow” tag is not added to the code.

This is when a page links to your site and helps rank your page higher in your browser’s search engine.

Do follow links, on the other hand, show that the referring website trusts you, which means you have to earn that by posting your work and getting impressive reviews.

2. Editorially Placed Link

This type of backlink is given to your page when your work is appreciated by a website working on the same topics as you.

They add a backlink to your page for reference without you asking them to do so for you.

These backlinks help users get a hold of the best online content.

3. Sponsored Links

These types of backlinks are mentioned when you pay an influential website that works in the same category as you to backlink you on their page.

However, they have to mention the attribute of “sponsored” to tell the browser how you are receiving this backlink, as all type of backlink has to be calculated by the backlink checker tool.

They don’t affect your page negatively.

How to know which backlinks are working positively?

There are many types of backlinks you may get attributed to your page. To track down the ones drawing more users to your page backlink checker tools are beneficial.

Through these tools, you can have data-driven information about the backlink associated with your website.

This way, you can build up a strategic plan for gaining the best links from authoritative sources by analyzing them based on the parameters decided to show which websites are helping you rank your page.

These tools help you by gathering information about

  • Where are the backlinks coming from?
  • How many backlinks do you have?
  • Find your best backlink provider website.
  • Know your competitor’s website’s backlink analysis and gain more varied knowledge about their providers.
  • Anchor texts that are getting you to know most backlinks.

Some of the elementary parameters decided by backlink checker tools are as follows –

  • Authority score – it describes the overall quality of the webpage. It is decided based on the content provided, user-friendly services, website speed, the precision of the work etc.
  • Referring domain describes the backlink the website in question has received from others.
  • Monthly visits describe how much traffic the page gets from the users across the web.
  • The toxicity score describes how many toxic links (spam, bot mentions, unrelated advertisements) are associated with the page.
  • Referring IPs – it shows the IP address which accesses these websites and their backlinks. It helps you track where the incoming traffic is originating.

These parameters help you determine the website’s quality, providing you with a backlink.

The quality of your backlink matters to the number of users it will draw to your page.

The backlink checker tool forms a report card of the websites referring to you, helping you to know intricate details of how your SEO is affected by the backlinks provided.


Backlinks are crucial to help your page rank if done right.

You can use this information to your benefit by exploring new links referring to the same category as your content.

Backlink checker tools help you optimize your study of the link to your page so that you can analyze the growth of your website.

It is therefore essential for you to strategically plan how the backlinks you are receiving are to be used and what else you can change in your content to make it grow faster.

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